Rules of Participation

The purpose of the Mactac Creative Awards (the “Awards”) is to reward innovative, ambitious and creative work performed by Mactac business partners from all over the world with Mactac adhesive products.

Any organization and individual involved in the creation or application of Mactac products is eligible to participate in the Award contest, subject to the conditions set out below.

Submission of Works

Applicants to the Awards may submit one or more of their works realized in the [preceeding calendar year / 12 months preceeding the application ] (the “Reference Period”). 

For the purpose of these rules, “Applicant” shall mean any person uploading a description, a picture and/or a video presenting a work performed during the Reference Period (hereafter the “Materials”).  There is no limit to the number of works that may be submitted by an Applicant.

Applicant acknowledges and agrees that by submitting any work to the Jury of the Awards, it expressly allows Mactac to use the Materials submitted for its own commercial and marketing needs, and in particular, without limitation, for onward publication in its brochures, website or in social networks.

Each Applicant is responsible for ensuring that the submission of any material describing its work does not infringe any third party rights, including intellectual property rights and copyrights.  Each Applicant shall hold Mactac harmless against any claim from any third party which would result from the use by Mactac of the Materials submitted to the Awards for the purpose of promoting their work.


Ineligibility and Exclusion

Mactac reserves the right to refuse a submission by an Applicant if such submission violates applicable laws and regulations and/or public order rules (such as pornographic material, racist or violent messages or any other Material that would be offensive).

Submissions that are judged ineligible by Mactac, at its own discretion, are immediately disqualified from their participation to the Awards.

Mactac also reserves the right to exclude any submission and / or any Applicant that is found to breach these participation rules.

If, when using the Awards website, you notice an infringement or any other abuse by an Applicant, please report it by selecting the “report an abuse” link located on each website page or by contacting the person mentioned at the “Contact” section below.

Submission Process

Applicants must first create a Mactac web account in order to be able to submit their Materials to the Awards. Once logged in to your account, please fill the Directory Entry Form with the requested information, including a description of the work(s). The Applicant needs to specify the Mactac product used for the project and the categories its work belongs to : vehicles, boats, outdoor furniture, non-promotional interior decoration, interior or exterior decoration of a shop and points of sale.

When uploaded on the Mactac Creative Awards website, your submission will be assessed by Mactac to check that you fulfill all the requirements set out in these rules. As set out above, Mactac reserves the right to disqualify any submission in accordance to these rules.

Evaluation & Voting System

Once accepted by Mactac, submissions will be published on the Awards website for evaluation by the Jury and the public (all Mactac web users can take part in the vote). The Jury comprises 4 professionals who are selected for their reputed qualifications among the world of arts and design. For the sake of fairness and representative vote, the Mactac Creative Awards particularly focus on the diversity of the members of the Jury in terms of geographical origin and gender. You may find further information on the members of the Jury.

The members of the Jury express their vote through a back office system. In order to reach a fair and efficient verdict, Mactac has created a transparent and rigorous evaluation system based on three criteria: innovation, impact and design. 

The public voting period will be open for 20 days each month

Each work will be assessed out of 100. The balance of points awarded by the Jury and the public will be regulated according to the number of public voters i.e. the more public votes a project receives, the heavier their participation will weigh in the final score. For example, if 16 persons from the public vote for a work, the public will account for 16% of the final mark of this work, whilst Jury vote will represent the remaining 84%.

However, the weight of the public vote will not exceed 40% of the total score, the remaining 60% being awarded by the Jury only. Please note that neither the Jury’s nor the public’s notes will be shown on the Awards website; only the average mark will be available/displayed.


Project of the Month : Every month Mactac judges all the entries submitted during the past month the entry that was granted with the highest total score.  In the event of a tie, the winning entry will be the one which received the highest score from the public.

The winning Applicants will be rewarded with a  gift card of 500 € and an official certificate.

Project of the Year: Every year, Mactac judges all the entries submitted during the past year to select the entry with the highest total score.  In the event of a tie, the winning entry will be the one which received the highest score from the public.

A special prize rewards the entry that was granted the highest amount of likes and shares during the past year.

The winning Applicants will be rewarded with MasterCard gift card of 1000€ and an official certificate.

 Personal Data

For the purpose of the Awards, Mactac will collect personal data from each Applicant when visiting the Awards website, voting for a work, creating an account, submitting an entry or uploading any Material. Mactac is committed to pay great attention to your data and shall treat them with the same care and for the same purpose as any other data collected by Mactac by other means. For more information on Mactac and Bemis Privacy Policy, please see here:



May you have any further questions, inquiries or complaint on the Mactac Creative Awards, please contact at the following email address :

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